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Awaken The Species

19Years Have Passed Since The Last “Conversations With God” Book Was Published, And Now …

Explore The Ideals Of The Highly-Evolved Being With Neale Donald Walsch, And Prepare Yourself For Humanity’s Next Evolutionary Leap

Experience 75- Minutes Of Life Transforming Wisdom From The Bestselling Living Legend Behind The Conversation with God Book Phenomenon.


Prepare yourself for humankind’s next evolutionary leap with this FREE Masterclass.
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In this 75- minute Masterclass, you will:

Hear Neale’s motivating story of how he went from striking rock-bottom in his relationship, profession, and health, to getting his very first “download” which led him to compose the very first Conversations with God book.

Learn why we require to build on religious beliefs (instead of entirely dismissing it or dogmatically following it) by broadening our idea of God so we, as a types, can with confidence take the next action in our spiritual advancement.
Dispel the misconception that humans are naturally indicate or terrible, however rather, discover how humankind is merely an innocent and young types discovering how to manage the info we’re getting by our cumulative awareness.
Discover how humankind is just at the infancy of our advancement, which we still have a huge tank of capacity we have yet to use. This concept alone will make you incredibly positive for the future.
Explore the attributes of “Highly Evolved Beings” (HEBs), how they vary from unawakened beings, and how other HEBs beyond our Universe are most likely helping us towards our next terrific awakening.
Hear about the issue Vishen dealt with after being a possible victim of theft, and be blown away by Neale’s counterproductive, yet extensive option to handling individuals who might be out to harm you (for their individual gain).
Get trained in the “There I Go Again” and “I Am That” workouts that will raise your levels of empathy, and assist you genuinely understand the enormous capability you need to favorably affect the lives of everybody you touch.
Understand why there’s no such thing as an incorrect choice. Neale uses an effective, one-question tool to assist you make the most reliable choices to serve your greatest function.
Discover a stunning piece of knowledge that will assist you get rid of any difficulty you deal with in life with positivity, grace, and a deep sense of understanding that the challenges you deal with are stepping stones to you ending up being the best variation of yourself.

Conversations with God

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